Bareboat Rental

Have you been boating for years or just sold your boat and want to get back out on the water?

Bareboat rentals allow you to captain your own adventure with a crew of up to 12 people.

Whether it is fishing, cruising or spending a day on the water, we have a boat to meet your needs.

Our Scout holds a maximum of 8 passengers including the captain while our 41' Meridian holds a maximum of 12 passengers including the captain.

Pricing starting at:

$350 for a ½ day (Up to 4 hours)
$550 for a full day (Anything over 4 hours)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is required to rent a bareboat?

You must be at least 21 years old to rent any equipment from H2O Limos with a valid driver's license. You must be familiar with operating any equipment you rent. A boating safety certificate is recommended. You must also have a verified credit card on file for the security deposit.

What is the security deposit?

A 25% nonrefundable security deposit and a signed contract holds the date requested and the boat. Credit card or cash is accepted for the down payment.

If a credit card is used, the card is not charged unless the charter is canceled, there is damage to the boat or otherwise agreed upon for payment.

A security deposit is required and is only held until the boat is returned to make sure that no damage has incurred during the rental period.

The security deposit cannot be done on a debit card.

What is our reservation & cancellation policy?

To reserve your boat rental or charter there is a 25% non-refundable reservation fee. The deposit will go towards the final cost of the rental or charter. It is not an additional fee. This reserves your vessel for the time you specify.

There are no refunds for weather. Only H2O Limos can determine if water and weather conditions are unsafe for boating. The decision will be determined using information provided by the USCG and local weather authorities. If in the event of a cancelation by H2O Limos, you may use your deposit to re-schedule your charter for a different day only. Again, there are no refunds.

You may change your rental from that which was originally scheduled if available, however the original quoted rate must be the same, otherwise the original amount must be honored even if the boat you are changing too is less.

What equipment comes with my rental?

All boats will come with all the required safety equipment; fire extinguisher, paddle, flotation device, flares, dock lines, fenders, and anchor.

What happens if I damage anything?

During check-out we go through a damage check list diagram. If any damages were the fault of the renter they will be responsible to repair the damages.

If damage is done, H2O Limos does not allow anyone to fix the equipment except certified dealers approved by them and H2O Limos will arrange for the repairs at a facility that they choose at the expense of the renter.

We do not offer Insurance for the renter. You may want to check with your home owner’s policy to see if it covers vehicle rentals.