Fractional Ownership

Now taking reservations for the 2015 boating seasons

Enjoy the luxury yachting lifestyle at a fraction of the cost, and without all of the hassle! The H2O LIMOS Fractional Program provides you with the complete yachting experience aboard an incredible Sea Ray Sundancer for just the amount of time you have available to enjoy it.

Take 10 of your closest friends for a sunset cruise or spend the day anchored on magnificent Lake St. Clair. The best part is all you have to do is show up, enjoy the day on the boat, replenish the fuel and go home. H2O Limos will take care of the rest.

The H2O LIMOS Program is a cost effective, comprehensive approach to Yachting, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of Yachting at only a fraction of the cost. The program includes dockage, maintenance servicing, and all other aspects associated with owning, operating, and maintaining the Yachts. H2O LIMOS takes the hassle out of Yachting so that you can really enjoy the leisure time you have available to spend on-board.

Additionally, H2O LIMOS can provide you with a Full Time Captain or Personal Concierge Services to ensure that you and your guest are able to relax and enjoy your time aboard your personalized yacht.

The 38' Sea Ray Sundance has the following equipment on board:

  • Generator
  • Twin 8.1L gas engines
  • Satellite TV
  • Full canvas
  • All of the needed safety equipment
  • Radar and GPS

Contact us NOW to reserve your spot as there are only 5 ownerships available aboard this yacht.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the pricing and payment set up?

H2O Limos pricing is all-inclusive, covering the yacht, dockage/mooring, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, consumable items. All you are responsible for is the fuel that you use.

Depending on the size vessel that you choose, pricing starts at $6,995 per season, with a minimum of a three (3) year contract. A 20% down payment will be required when the contract is signed. A yearly lump sum payment can be made, or a monthly payment plan can be set up. This covers all of the overheads involved in boat ownership, including professional management, maintenance by a local certified technician, dockage, insurance, registration and all other expenses that go along with boat ownership. This all inclusive price gives you the peace of mind to know you will not have any unexpected expenses, just a worry free experience!

How many others share the yacht?

A minimum of six (6) owners will be required to secure a vessel. A maximum of eight (8) owners will be placed on one boat to allow for maximum usage by each owner.

Can I be an owner if I am new to boating?

Absolutely, most of our owners are first time boaters. As an owner, you will be required to go through H2O Limos extensive training program that will properly teach you how to safely operate your boat in all types of conditions and situations.

Where are the boats kept?

The yachts are kept at a local marina where they can be professionally serviced and maintained. From time to time, the owners are allowed to choose the marina that is convenient to them.

What happens if all of the shares are not sold?

At least half of the shares in the vessel must be sold before the contract can begin. If this unusual situation does occur by the launch date (usually April of the boating season), each owner who has reserved a share will have the option for a full refund.

Who is liable for damage to the vessel?

Members have the same responsibility as any boat owner while it is in their possession. If the damage is not covered by insurance, the owner that caused the damage will be ultimately responsible.

Can I share my ownership before the end of my 3-year contract?

You may sell your share at any time. However, all sales must be approved by H2O Limos management team and a membership transfer fee will be charged. H2O Limos will not refund any of your down payment or other associated costs.

Where can I use the yacht?

You are allowed to freely roam lake St. Clair, The Detroit River and the North Channel. If you wish to go beyond these bodies of water, H2O Limos management team can grant you special permission depending on the schedule and where you would like to go.

What is the typical cost of a share?

The price will depend on the size of the yacht, where she is moored, and other special services that will be specified before the contract is signed. From time to time, owners have specific requests that are not included in the initial price.

Are there any additional costs that could raise the monthly membership fee?

No, unless there is an increase in costs out of management's control, such as slip fees, insurance premium, or natural disaster damage not covered by insurance.

Can multiple people share one ownership?

Typically no, but H2O Limos management will review each request on a case by case basis.

Who is responsible for refueling?

Refueling is the member's responsibility. You are to return the yacht with the same or more fuel in it when you arrived.

Who is responsible for washing the boat?

H2O Limos is responsible for weekly wash downs, but members are still responsible for leaving the yacht the way they found it, for the next member using it.

Can I use the yacht if I have not gone through the certified training program?

You may use the boat but a certified captain by H2O Limos, provided at your cost, must pilot the boat until you have been trained and certified.

How are holiday bookings handled?

Times of high demand will be designated as 'special dates'. To use the boat on one of these times, each member wishing to use the boat must enter a lottery and a winner will be chosen at random. Any member who wins a lottery will be barred from the next consecutive lottery unless no other member wishes to use the boat.

H2O Limos will schedule the boat accordingly. However, from past experiences, every owner who has wanted to use the boat on a holiday weekend such as Memorial Day has been allowed to do so.

What happens is the boat is out of commission for a long period of time?

If repairs and updates take longer than expected, each member will have a pro rated share of bookings deducted from their allocation. If the repair is the result of an owner, no time or payment will be reimbursed. However, if the repair is out of the control of the owners, payments may be adjusted accordingly.

How are "difficult" owners dealt with?

A verbal warning will be given, followed by a written warning which can include financial punishments. After the third offense this the member will forfeit the privileges under the member agreement, but not the responsibilities. The members share may be sold if a financial default occurs. The balance or difference will be the responsibility of the owner.