New Boat Delivery

Moving up to a larger boat or just want to learn how to handle the sticks on a twin-engine application, our twin-engine handling course is a must-take course that is on your boat and at your slip. We work through your personalized needs with a focus on docking and handling your boat in tight situations. Your confidence level will be beyond your expectations upon completion.

During our time on the water, we will work on open water handling, with a focus on tight quarter handling. We will work on safely backing your vessel into the slip, how to approach the gas dock and how to safely operate your vessel around others. Once you have spent time with one of our instructors, your comfort level will be similar to those who have been boating for years.

Call or Email for Price
(313) 799-2628
*Pricing is subject to change without notice. Please contact H2O Limos for the most updated pricing, questions or comments.
Plan on spending a minimum of 3-4 hours on your boat Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate, which may be used for discounts on insurance.
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